2020 May Be Rough, But We're all Smiles Here
While the world outside may be a little crazy, inside the office we're full of smiles, laughter, healing, and all around good vibes. If you've been coming to the office for your sessions throughout the pandemic, you know that, while we do get down to business during our treatment processing through various stresses, we always make it a good time here!
This past weekend, one of my patients who's been with me the longest, 7.5 years to be exact, came up for a session. Even though Amanda (yep, we're both Amandas!) relocated to North Carolina a little over a year ago, she still makes the drive up to see me. Now she also brings her boyfriend, and they both get treated with back-to-back sessions. We happened to also have Callie, who I am currently pet sitting, in the office with us. If this isn't a recipe for a happy Saturday afternoon at the office, I don't know what it is!
Amanda is incredibly committed to her health and makes investments in preventative care, and she's done it from a young age. I believe that her proactivity has benefitted her in enormous ways. She's on top of any health ailments that come up and often tackles them with natural and holistic medicine, hardly ever having to take medications of any kind or use more aggressive therapies. She recently completed the 21 day Purification Program with me! Congrats Amanda