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I can't think of many better posts to do than to set the Food Pyramid straight! I wanted to share what in my opinion and as Dr. Joseph Mercola has shown, is the true food pyramid for health.
The food pyramid we are used to seeing, with grains on the bottom making up most of our diet, and fats, oils, and salts (and sweets which is true!) making up the top and what we should eat the least of, was born out of a modern food system that promotes subsidized cheap foods which have been stripped of their nutrients. Conventional farming along with factory manufacturing and processing has unfortunately led to unhealthy diets, high obesity rates, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in the last 30-40 years.
The excess amount of carbohydrates we are advised to eat in the food pyramid, mostly refined, are a recipe for disease and obesity. We have also been harmed by the "fat-free" trend, which has resulted in the consumption of fake ingredients and has lowered our intake of healthy fats.
A true food pyramid is based on a base of protein, vegetables and plenty of healthy fats, much like the ketogenic diet promotes for attaining optimal weight and in general optimal health. We need healthy fats, such as in coconut oil, avocado oil, pastured eggs, butter, and grass-fed beef, for a myriad of functions in our body, including healthy brain function, inflammatory modulation, immune system response, hormone production, and more.
Fruits are then in the middle, as they are chock-full of nutrients, but contain fructose, which can be difficult for the liver to process if we have too much. Grains and sugars are then on the top, making up the least of our diet.
I hope you find this helpful when reaching for something to eat this week! I have recently made a re-committment to healthy eating habits myself.

Christmas has come early at the office! I really couldn't wait any longer to add this incredible, advanced new healing device to the practice. I now own a Scalar Wave Laser, a revolutionary cold laser unit, as a part of my healing toolkit.

I have had my eye on this laser for quite a while now, as several of my chiropractic colleagues use it in their practice with much success.

The Scalar Wave Laser is a high-quality medical laser, featuring red, infra-red, and violet light wavelengths in a high powered beam to help with: pain relief throughout the entire body, muscle relaxation, stress relief and adrenal gland unwinding, circulation and skin rejuvenation, cellular regeneration, increased cellular energy, balancing of physical and energetic systems, acupuncture therapy, trigger point therapy, and more.

The laser has 10 main programs which each provide different protocols. These different protocols aim to reduce stress and tension of all kinds, shift cells, organs, chakras, and all other energy systems back into balance, provide pain relief, help with injuries and cellular regeneration, activate the lymph system, soothe and bring the entire body into unity and coherence. I can also customize the laser to different frequencies, times, etc. depending on the patient's needs.

Today, I put the laser to use. My patient Tamisha was kindly willing to share her experience with the laser today! Tamisha sprained her ankle 3 months ago. With just one treatment in the office a couple of weeks afterwards, Tamisha's ankle was vastly improved. She reported about 80-90% improvement after we used muscle testing to identify the strain-sprained muscle, activated that muscle again, did some adjustments related to the injury, cleared emotions associated with the injury, and more. 

Tamisha has continued, however, to feel a slight "twinge" in her ankle at times and with certain movements. I have done a lot of great manual work on her ankle, but decided to use the laser as the injury was proving somewhat persistent. Using muscle testing, I found that we needed to run the Unwind program over her ankle. This program dissolves contracted cellular memory and helps return all cells and tissues to a healthy state. It allows the body to rebuild and regenerate after an injury. Tamisha reported immediate relief after running this protocol. 

I am so grateful and beyond excited to have yet another fantastic, powerful healing tool in my tool belt. I always seek to learn new ways of helping my patients to reach their ultimate health! I look forward to using the laser more in the office in the days and years to come. 

A special thanks to talented and awesome practitioner Dr. James Huang DC for guiding me to and through getting my very first laser!

Today I am highlighting my top 5 reasons why holistic chiropractic treatments should be a part of every child's school year routine:
1. Improved Brain And Nervous System Function. Spinal misalignments interfere with brain-body nerve signaling. They also cause a decreased input of stimuli to the brain. By getting adjusted and correcting spinal misalignments, input to the brain is increased and nerve signaling is improved. The brain can literally talk better to the body and vice versa. This results in clearer thinking, better concentration and focus, better memory, better motor function, and more. For example, a study in the Journal of Neural Plasticity found that spinal adjustments increased activity in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain by 20% immediately.
2. Improved Posture And Spinal Health. Let's face it-backpacks take a toll. Sports result in injuries. Sitting at a desk all day with bad posture sets our children up for problems. My mother and office manager Janice first took me to my chiropractor when I was 12 years old because some professionals at my grade school discovered that I was already developing a scoliosis (spinal curvature). Dr. Rosenberg was able to reduce my spinal curvature significantly before my spine matured. Holistic chiropractic restores spinal alignment and facilitates (turns on) in particular our postural muscles (which can become inhibited for a variety of reasons), helping us to maintain better posture. Chiropractic should also be one of first lines of treatment post-injury, for anything from strain sprains to concussions. Chiropractic care results in shorter injury recovery, improved healing, and aids in prevention of future injuries.
3. Improved Immune System Function And Less Sickness. It's becoming more well-known that chiropractic treatments increase immune system function by increasing white blood cell count, improving immune organ function, decreasing negative effects of cortisol on immune health, and more. Getting sick less often and/or not getting as sick when catching something is one of the TOP reported benefits of chiropractic care by patients.
4. Improved Stress Management. Chiropractic aids in managing stress levels by balancing our nervous system (sympathetic aka fight-or-flight vs. parasympathetic aka rest-and-digest nervous systems), helping manage cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and enhancing our mood through our own feel-good neurological-transmitters and brain function. School children are reporting more and more stress associated with school. Just as adults feel stress-relief from their holistic chiropractic visits, children do as well!
5. A more unique benefit of chiropractic- Help With Growing Pains! Growing pains can be due to a number of things, including lowered dietary minerals and nutrients, musculoskeletal imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and more. With my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we can help to identify any mineral or nutritional deficiencies, such as zinc and magnesium. We can also identify the major musculoskeletal imbalances and correct them. Finally, we can help to identify endocrine organ weaknesses, such as in the adrenal or thyroid glands, and address these through manual techniques and nutrition.
These are just my top 5 reasons to take your kids to a chiropractor this school year, but there are so many more. Make it a wonderful first day back! Happy September!

AMAZING documentary alert! 

'Stressed', by Dr. Luke Segreto, explores mental/emotional and physical stress, how we became the highly stressed beings that we are today, how this impacts our bodies, and finally how we can help alleviate this stress and its impact on our health!

While stress includes physical stresses such as injuries, environmental toxins, poor diet, weather changes, etc., this documentary in particular explores the mental/emotional side of stress.

Any mental/emotional stressor creates a physiological response in our body. We can often feel it palpably in the form of increased heart rate, sweating, flushing, upset stomach, change in appetite, and more. We know that stress can cause this reaction in our bodies. It also causes much more underneath of these symptoms which cannot always be seen or felt. This response can contribute to chronic pain, chronic spinal misalignments, organ disease, and many other health conditions.

Neuro-Emotional Technique, founded by Dr. Scott Walker, DC, is a mind-body technique that I practice in the office, and uses muscle testing, acupuncture meridians, chiropractic adjustments, homeopathy, and more to aid the body in processing emotions that have been improperly adapted to by our bodies, thus reducing their negative impact on our health. It is not a counseling or talk therapy type of technique, but rather addresses the body's physical response to an emotional stimulus. 

You can check out this informative documentary for more info on this topic on iTunes, Google Play, or Food Matters TV. I also have one copy available for lending out from the office!


Today I was back in the office for a Saturday work day, and I started my day with the awesome Erin, a special case for me. 

Erin had never seen a chiropractor before coming to me, but heard that chiropractic could possibly help with Multiple Sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with 8 years ago. She began experiencing significant symptoms of MS about 6 years ago, including paresthesia (numbness, tingling, "falling asleep" sensation or hot/cold sensation, etc.) in extremities, and brain fog and lowered cognition. 

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the brain and nervous system. Specifically, the body attacks and inflames the sheath surrounding the nerves and spinal cord.

With Erin, we have done a lot of work to support her spinal health, brain and nervous system function, immune system function (since MS is an autoimmune condition involving the immune system), her gastrointestinal system, her detoxification system, her diet and lifestyle, and her mental/emotional well-being, all to aid in decreasing her symptoms, preventing further lesions or flares of MS, and aid in optimizing her overall health.

Every visit with Erin is different! I assess and then direct my treatment to whatever Erin's body reveals to me. Through history and muscle testing today for example, we determined that Erin's spleen (a major immune system organ and blood filterer) needed support. We performed some adjustments, worked some spleen reflex points, and more. Adjustments alone work wonders for people with autoimmune disease and neurological disease as chiropractic adjustments have been shown to up-regulate the nervous system and improve immune system modulation. We performed some neurological testing including muscle testing Erin in various eye positions to see how her brain and nervous system were working. We call this "Neurologic Disorganization" when someone exhibits neuromuscular weakness with the eyes held in a certain position, as it can indicate decreased and "confused" brain and nervous system signaling. I also identified an emotional stressor that was weakening her through muscle testing. We used pelvic blocking to increase cerebrospinal fluid flow and reduce spinal cord tension. At the end of our visit, we tested Erin's current dietary inflammatory triggers (which can change from visit to visit), so that Erin knows what to work on avoiding. And I know that I am leaving a few things out!

In short, through a proper assessment and employment of the many holistic health techniques we use here, including chiropractic manipulation, reflex point work, muscle therapy, cranio-sacral, mind-body techniques, and more, we can greatly help someone like Erin! Erin has made regular holistic chiropractic care a part of her life for 2 years now. We always have a great time in the office together, working towards Erin's optimal health and having some great conversation while we're at it! Thanks Erin for sharing your story with us!