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I had a double treat last week when I had siblings Joe and Elissa come in for treatments back-to-back! It was Joe's birthday, and he decided to schedule himself a birthday treatment in my office (so fun, birthday treatments are the best). His sister Elissa, who happened to have a session just before him, decided she would surprise him by sticking around after her treatment to say a hello and happy birthday to her brother! I captured the moment in a photo.
I absolutely love moments like these in the office. I also love treating family. I would say almost half of my patients have family that also come in-wow! Sometimes, I treat entire families in office. It's a pleasure and an honor to be family health practitioner and to be able to work with entire families, from babies to grandparents and everyone in between!
Happy Birthday to Joe, and thanks to Elissa for making it special with me!

This is the perfect infographic to explain "Inflammation"!

Many times, in the office, I tell my patients that I am suspecting and/or detecting inflammation, whether it be localized to a certain joint, organ, etc., or be it systemic, meaning there's inflammation present throughout the entire body.  Often, my patients ask me what inflammation is. Inflammation is essentially a series of chemical processes that trigger our immune system to protect the body from things that harm it.  In this attempt by the body to heal itself, damage can be done, and pain, swelling, and other symptoms can result. 

Inflammation, while well-intended, can interfere greatly with our health. It can negatively affect our ability to heal and function at our best. It can even interfere with chiropractic manipulation, as inflammation in joints can negatively impact their ability to be adjusted, and heal. 

So what are the main causes of inflammation? Read on below to find out what they are. *I would add to this list: physical injuries, as well!*

Hopefully, well-equipped with this information and knowledge, you can begin to reduce your body's inflammatory load! 

Dr Hyman Mark thank you for this.


I'd like you to meet my patient, friend, and coolest minister around, Rev Ogun Holder!
I initially met Rev Ogun, who I've known for almost a decade now, when I stumbled upon Unity Church, where he was an ordained minister. We clicked and became quick friends, and very soon afterwards he also began coming to see me as a patient.
Ogun has incorporated eastern medicine and chiropractic into his wellness routine for years. I have always felt that there is a spiritual component and level to the holistic chiropractic treatments done here in the office. Yes, I am going there. Spirituality can be generally defined as a persons search for the sacred meaning and purpose of life. Sometimes, when we are so off center, this can become difficult. I find that the treatments done here at Synergy, both literally and figuratively, help people to come back to their center, which can help them better connect with life and what it has to offer.
I will let Ogun describe why he chooses regular chiropractic care with me. Here it is in his words!
"One of my favorite sayings is, "Prevention is better than cure." Chiropractic care has been part of my health maintenance and self-care regiment for decades. I'm sure it's no coincidence I'm rarely ill. What I love about working with Dr Amanda most of all though, is her ability to find the emotions that have embedded themselves in my body through her well-practiced Applied Kinesiology techniques. We store the emotions of unresolved traumas in our bodies. Left untreated they can lead to more serious illnesses. More often than not, her treatments lead me to deeper inquiry around issues I didn't even know I was holding on to. As a spiritual teacher, I'm grateful to have a healer like her in my life. She helps keep me in good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shape."
Rev Ogun is currently also the co-founder of Project_SANCTUS, "a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all." Feel free to check it out if you are so drawn!
Thanks Rev!

As winter and cold and flu season approaches, and the weather is getting cooler, I am getting inquiries as to what we can take to boost immune system function and offer protection against pathogens and added stress this coming season.
While I often have a number of recommendations of various vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs and homeopathy, Standard Process Inc. has made it easy for those of you who...well just aren't the best at taking supplements! If this is you, read on.
Immune System Health Packs offers 4 products in one easy-to-take packet. The pack includes important minerals such as zinc, copper, chromium, iodine and more, and vitamins such as A, B6, B12, C and E. They also contain glandular extracts, such as liver and adrenal extract, to support the immune system.
If you want an easy solution to a winter wellness supplement program, ask me about ordering some Immune System Health Packs!

Keyvar is one talented, and not to mention kind and awesome, teenager. Read to the end of this post for a real mind-blower!
I had the pleasure of treating Keyvar for the first time recently. One of the issues he highlighted for me was forearm and wrist pain and tension due to his regular clarinet playing. Keyvar plays clarinet for the Baltimore Youth Symphony Orchestra, and, coming also from a musical family (mom and patient Eldra is a wonderful opera singer) he is extremely skilled!
Keyvar got the works for his first treatment-an Applied Kinesiology muscle testing screen to identify inhibited and hypertonic (aka turned on vs shut off) muscles, chiropractic manipulation, reflex point work, etc.
We also did a number of techniques tailored to Keyvar's life activities and musculoskeletal issues. First of all, I thoroughly muscle tested all the muscles in Keyvar's forearms and wrists. We identified some small yet important forearm and wrist muscles that were shut off and not working properly. We activated and repaired these muscles with manual techniques, and performed adjustments to the area. I also applied my cold laser, which implements red light, infrared light, and violet light, all of which have different healing properties, to his right wrist, which was bothering him due to the repetitive nature of clarinet playing.
We then did something which, I think, blew Keyvar's mind! We muscle tested him while exposing his nervous system to different tuning fork frequencies, which carry different Hertz frequency, and essentially, different musical tones.
I wanted to be sure that Keyvar's nervous system was properly processing and integrating the various musical tones that he is hearing while playing, thus ensuring he plays at his very best. We muscle tested Keyvar while exposing his nervous system to different tuning fork frequencies. When a weakness occurred, we knew that there was a incongruence with the frequency and Keyvar's nervous system. We then used an instrument, the activator, to stimulate the nerves at certain levels of his spine while exposing him to the tuning fork tone, to aid his body in correctly processing the sound.
I use tuning forks with all of my patients, not just my musician patients                     <br />
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