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I just spent the last three days at the Grand Canyon and......WOW. All I can say is WOW.
This post doubles as a sharing of my experience at the Grand Canyon as well as a total plug for taking time off for self-care. We ALL need to take time off to nourish our body, mind, and soul. That is what this trip was for me.
I spent 3 nights "glamping" in a tent in the middle of nowhere Arizona (shoutout to Under Canvas Grand Canyon for an epic stay). Thanks to the certified Dark Skies land we were on, I slept like a baby for ten hours each night and saw the amazing Milky Way. I meditated and journaled in their little zen garden (photos below) while overlooking the Arizona mountains. We listened to guitar music and live singing around fire pits at night.
Then comes the Grand Canyon. We did two hikes. I pushed myself with one hike that was the toughest hike I've ever done in my life. The one thing about hiking the canyon- the further down you go, the more you have to climb out. My heart was pounding and I was resting every 5 minutes on the way out of the canyon. My heart got its best workout in a while. My body feels fantastic and I am inspired to exercise it once again.
We completed another hike at a different part of the canyon, just slightly more gentler than the previous days hike, followed by a driving tour with stop-offs at about 4 or 5 incredible lookouts. All in all: driving around the rim is definitely awesome. Hiking into the rim is another story...surrounded by panoramic Grand Canyon views, I truly experienced the enormity and the indescribability of this wonder of nature. It brought me so much calm and peace, and at the same time, totally blew my mind to the point of tears!
The messages that are clear to me after this trip: Mother Nature is a BEAST of insane magnitude and it is here that we can find SO much peace, grounding, healing and guidance for our lives. Get out into nature and away from the chaos. Also, we are totally okay. We have access to this peace always. And finally, by BEING peace and joy in the world, we help bring and spread peace and joy throughout our world.
Thank you for reading!

This has been a hot topic. I am currently reading the book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor, a bestseller you may or may not have heard of (post to come on this book later!), and it's reminded me so much of the incredible importance of breathing, that I just had to write up a post on it now!
The diaphragm muscle, a sheet of muscle that extends across the underside of the lower 6-12 ribs, is our most important breathing muscle, which is why I have always muscle tested both sides of the diaphragm muscle on every patient at every visit. It's that important; and, I very often find weakness in it. If you're a patient, you likely know this! Not only does the diaphragm help us breath, it acts as a second heart by pumping blood as well as lymphatic fluid. From a Chinese medicine standpoint, the diphragm muscle acts as a mover of chi, or energy, and balances acupuncture meridian energy. Woah.
Hypofunction, inhibition, or fascial adhesions in our diaphgram muscle can negatively impact our breathing, our spinal motion, and our energy. This is why I muscle test and fix this as needed on every patient! The fix is easy but involves manual activation to the diaphragm muscle. Again, my current patients likely know this well! We also often perform chiropractic adjustments to the ribs, thoracic (mid and upper spine), and upper lumbars (lower back vertebrae).
Dysfunction of the diaphgram can also contribute to hiatal hernia, where part the stomach herniates up through the hole in our diaphgram where our stomach meets the espohagus, or hiatal-hernia like symptoms, such as acid reflux, burping and burning, and indigeston. In this case, I have to adjust the top of the stomach downwards through the diaphgram again to its rightful place after I have activated the diphragm muscles.
The diaphgram muscle, along with the lungs, can often be weak due to nutritional deficiencies as well! A little know fact. The vital nutrients that support diaphragm and breathing function are:
Vitamin C
Lung tissue extract (Pneumotrophin PMG by Standard Process)
Vitamin A
The benefits of proper breathing and diaphragm function go way beyond this post, as I am learning as I read my current book, Breath. I will share all of the juicy info from this book in a later post, as soon as I finish the book! In the meantime, I will diligently continue checking diaphragm muscle function in all of my patients!