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A huge congrats to Dominique and Ben, and a Happy Born Day to their new little boy Lukas (who was still taking up residence in Domi's tummy at this visit a few weeks ago)!
As have many other pregnant moms-to-be, Domi saw me monthly throughout most of her pregnancy. A few years ago, I made the great choice to become Webster Certified. Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment procedure for pregnant women. In summary, it supports neurological and biomechanical function, most importantly of the hips/pelvis. This treatment can often result in aiding proper positioning of baby in utero, decreased pain during labor, shorter labor times, increased muscle strength and power for pushing during labor, and reduced stress on both mother and baby. Not to mention, it also helps mother to feel more comfortable throughout her pregnancy. Bye bye lower back pain, pubic area pain, sciatica, etc!
Domi, it was awesome to work with you throughout the pregnancy, and I look forward to seeing you and meeting little Lukas one day soon!
One last thing- high on my list of seminars to take next is infant/pediatric adjusting and cranial work!

This past week, Dreama drove from West Virginia to see me for persistent knee, lower back, and hip pain. Functional fitness trainer Renee Moten, who specializes in knee pain, sent Dreama to me after working with her and determining that she needed a chiropractic kinesiology treatment!
And she did. After some thorough muscle testing, we discovered a number of muscles that had become inhibited, aka shut off, due to a number of reasons, including past injuries as well as biochemical factors such as liver, gall bladder, and pancreas stress and dysfunction. We even found her to be slightly dehydrated, which was shutting off her main hip flexor muscle, the psoas.
As you can see, chronic ailments often arise from not just one but a number of factors. I am so glad I have my tool of not only chiropractic adjustments, including extremity adjustments, but also Applied Kinesiology.
Using these methods, we performed muscle activation techniques to restore muscle function, we worked organ/muscle reflex points, adjusted Dreama full spine, including both knee joints, and more. We sent her home with a few exercises to do and most importantly with orders to walk frequently over the next couple of days (the best post-adjustment activity is walking).
I just talked to Dreama on the phone a few minutes ago, and she is in Florida, feeling better, and enjoying the sunshine. She feels she is on the road to recovery.
Thanks to both Dreama and Renee for working with me as a team to help Dreama overcome her chronic pain and start living the life of her dreams! Happy Friday!