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November 26, 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our patients, family, and friends! There is still so much to be grateful for, every single day, especially during these times. I myself am grateful for a wonderful, busy practice, a job that I love, healthy family and friends, an evolving  world, and of course, Mother Nature! I’ve done a lot of hiking this year, and this is one of my favorite shots, from Catoctin Mountain State Park. This photo is a great reminder of the beauty all around us.  Enjoy your holiday, whether with loved ones or alone! 
Dr. Amanda

I have done a few posts which have highlighted the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments on the immune system (in short chiropractic adjustments alone majorly BOOST immune system function!), but today I wanted to dive into what I often do during an entire session of physically working on the immune system.
In my Applied Kinesiology training, I learned that every single muscle in the body is related to a certain organ. One of the main immune system organs is the thymus gland, which releases T cells, THE cells which fight off any foreign invaders. From a young age, our thymus begins training our T cells to fight pathogens and even cancer. The muscle that is related to the thymus gland is the infraspinatus, which is one of the four rotator cuff muscles.
In Jessica's treatment this past week, I found via muscle testing that she had an inhibited aka weak right infraspinatus. So I jumped right in there! I check my patient's immune systems often to determine if they need any support during our sessions.
All in all I:
*stimulated the neuro-lympathic point for Jessica's infraspinatus muscle, which improves waste drainage from and performance of the gland
*adjusted Jessica's C5 vertebrae in her neck, which is the direct nerve supply to the infraspinatus
*adjusted L2 in Jessica's lower back, which tonifies the triple heater meridian, the acupuncture meridian that the thymus gland lies on
*checked immune system related emotions which include exhaustion, despondency, anxiety and more
*checked thymus gland and infraspinatus related nutrition which includes thymus glandular (great to take during cold/flu season), zinc, vitamin D, and more immune system nutrients
*cold-lasered the thymus gland and infraspinatus muscle to improve function
By the end of the treatment, Jessica's infraspinatus muscle was testing rock solid, and I knew her immune system was performing better.
I love that we have so many tools in the office with which to work on things! And I'm grateful to be able to support my patients health in this critical time.

I don't often wear statements but when I do, they're about chiropractic! And I've been wearing this shirt in the office quite regularly! Here I am with my longtime patient Alyssa sporting my new gear.
"Normalize Chiropractic Care" to me means removing the stigmas around what chiropractic is and ensuring that everyone knows the benefits of chiropractic care and incorporating it into our health care regimens.
Chiropractic care has gotten an unfair and unfitting rep of being "quackery", being dangerous or harmful, and honestly just all-around being unreal health care.
The truth is that chiropractic is a time-tested, safe, conservative, and highly effective form of holistic health care that often saves people from having to take drugs, have surgery or pursue more aggressive care. Chiropractic care affects the body and nervous system in such a way that it can positively influence any bodily system, including but not limited to the musculoskeletal system, immune system, organ systems, mind-body systems, and more. Chiropractic physicians require 4 years (in my case I did 3 and 1/3 years with no summer or winter breaks) of schooling during which we learn extensive basic sciences, physiology, pharmacology, diagnostic imaging and laboratory analysis, and chiropractic technique. All in all, chiropractic is a safe, legitimate, and powerful form of health care.
So I say, "Normalize Chiropractic Care"
If you are a patient of mine and want to share how starting chiropractic care has eliminated any of your former stigmas or just plain blown your mind, please comment them below!

It's finally time to summarize October's book of the mont! This month's book is a classic and right now it's very timely.
I first read Power vs. Force by physician, researcher, and spiritual teacher David R Hawkins about 12 years ago when prepping to go to chiropractic school. My chiropractor at the time Dr. Julie Rosenberg told me it was a must read.
To summarize the book, true power comes from within us and is cultivated through our own personal growth, evolution, or spiritual practice (which is really anything that helps us to rise above our worldly troubles and express our true whole, healthy, and loving selves). Here we can positively influence others by changing our own self. Force is attempting to assert power over others, and very much operates from a material level. It often utilizes fear and force to attempt to control others; however, this is where we truly lose our power. All in all, strive for power, not force!
One major highlight of the book is Hawkins' Map of Levels of Consciousness. Hawkins created a logarithmic scale at which humans energetically calibrate at. Along the scale are different vibrational levels known as levels of consciousness. This ranges from lower levels of shame and guilt all the way up to higher levels of joy, peace, and enlightenment, and anywhere in between. As humans, we can fluctuate as to where we land on this scale of course. There are machines that can measure the energetic rate that we are calibrating at, but what's super cool is that Hawkins even delves into using muscle testing as a means of measuring our vibrational level! There is quite a large section of the book on the important tool of kinesiological muscle testing.
We do this in the office often when we use muscle testing to identify negative emotional stressors or traumas, such as with Neuro Emotional Technique.
We truly are vibrational beings!
"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."- Albert Einstein

November 06, 2020
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Hi all!
It’s Election Day in the US, it’s 7:30pm, and I just finished working a very long day full of patients.
I know there is anxiety being experienced by many people all around, and I saw it first hand in my office today as I held space for many of my patients anxiety. I, also, am experiencing some anxiety.
I just wanted to share that nothing could’ve made me happier today than being in my office, muscle testing, adjusting, and doing what I do for you all. I am so grateful to have a job which ultimately serves to make people feel better, period. I believe it’s most important in times like these. Again, another reason I’ve never closed my practice during the pandemic. I also feel better after a full work day comforting and treating people!
I hope I have helped you all throughout this election season, and that you’ve found peace and healing at our office.
I’ll always be here in the office, to have your back, no matter what’s going on in the world.
Your Chiropractor