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Happy Memorial Day to our patients, family, and friends and most importantly a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have given their lives while serving in the US military. Another thank you to all of those who continue to serve in our military, which includes many of my patients. We are grateful, and we honor you.

This year, I spent the day (safely) biking to and visiting five of the outdoor Washington, DC war memorials: US Marine Corps War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, WWII Memorial and the District of Columbia War Memorial. It was one of the most special ways I've spent the holiday. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you back in the office tomorrow!



Sometimes, surgery is a much-needed form a care for a patient. In my patient Leah's case, when a severe spinal curvature rapidly developed, surgery was just what she needed. I came in with the pre and post-operative supportive holistic chiropractic care. Since Leah's mom Tiffany was kind enough to write up a narrative of their experiences, I will simply post her write-up and let that do the talking! I have also included photos of a recent post-operative treatment. Many times, people will ask me if I can work on someone who has had a spinal surgery. Here is proof of: yes! Here is my patient Leah's case: 

From Tiffany:

Dr. Amanda has helped our family's wellness in many ways in the past five or so years that we've known her. In our daughter's case, she correctly diagnosed and ended the severe eczema that Leah had since she was a baby...after it baffled our allergist and dermatologist. But the past few years have tried Leah, and us, in ways that we never saw coming. It would have been unimaginably harder for us without Dr. Amanda's help.

About four years ago, at Leah's first visit at Synergy, Dr. Amanda had our daughter walk and move in ways that gave us a different view of her little nine year-old body. Before Dr. Amanda ever touched her body, she - and we - saw an asymmetry in Leah that no one had ever detected. The touch-your-toes test at Leah's annual pediatric visit never revealed Leah's progressing scoliosis - but Amanda did, without even touching her. An orthopedic x-ray showed a 20-degree spinal curve...not quite enough to warrant bracing.

Amanda adjusted Leah regularly to manage and minimize Leah's curve and its asymmetrical domino effect on her body. Incredibly, Leah's scoliosis and treatments caused her no pain or limitations. Leah's treatments kept her curve outwardly invisible, imperceptible to us even at the swimming pool and in her competitive soccer league. We never saw it coming when an out-of-curiosity x-ray in October 2018 showed a 60-degree curve. Leah had completely skipped the window for bracing and required spinal fusion of eleven vertebrae to straighten her curve.

None of us will forget that appointment when the orthopedic surgeon showed us the films and broke the news. In typical fashion, Leah was intrepid. Her response, "We'll schedule the surgery so we don't miss our winter-break travel, summer-break travel or spring soccer. But let's do it as soon as we can." It happened on January 15, 2019. Leah grew 2 inches that day as the hours-long surgery straightened her spine with titanium rods and screws, from just below her collarbone to just above her hips. The mobility saved in her neck and waist was one of many blessings we counted. 

None of us want to remember the first month of recovery, but she was back at school after eight weeks post-op and on the soccer field in ten. Amanda was able to treat Leah while she was still healing and has continued to since. Now-teenage Leah's only complaint: "I wish I could slouch again." She also doesn't like her mom's efforts to stick kitchen magnets on her back.

Life throws all kinds of surprises - curves - at us. Even the strongest of us can't make it alone. The right team makes all things possible. There's a reason that 'assists' statistics are important in sports. We can't imagine getting through this without Dr. Amanda on our team. No matter what surprises might lie ahead, you can bet we'll be sticking together.













And we're back!

Maurice D. Williams Move Well Fitness, LLC.and I were inspired to create another short video for you all, this time with two quick techniques to deal with STRESS.

I discuss how stress impacts us, the role of the adrenal glands, and how to self-treat the adrenal glands at home by stimulating the Adrenal Neurolymphatic points. The technique only takes a minute! And you will experience the immediate benefits of better-functioning adrenal glands and an increased state of relaxation.

Maurice discusses proper breathing and demonstrates to us how to do a breathing exercise- so important! He teaches us how to properly breathe to oxygenate our body better, activate the right breathing muscles, and reduce the stress response.

Check it out! We would love to hear your feedback, and particularly would love to hear if you have any requests for another upcoming instructional video.

Quick At-Home Stress Relief Exercises


I don't know about you, but we celebrate this holiday at Synergy Chiropractic! 

May the 4th be with you- from my last patient of the day Katya and I!




As I mentioned in my recent At-Home Exercises for Spinal Care and Pain Relief video, I am seeing a lot of patients in increased pain and discomfort due to having to work at home and not having the ideal desk set up going on there! Add the stress of the times to postural stress and you've got a recipe for pain. 

So here is a great infographic I found on how to obtain a proper ergonomic desk setup! The infographic pretty much says it all but here's the highlights:

*elbows off desk
*wrists and arms straight
*hips slightly higher than knees
*small space between knees and chair
*monitor is arms length away
*top of monitor at eye level
*desk height until no tension is felt in shoulders
*feet slightly elevated/supported on flexed angle
*every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet away to reduce eye strain
*stand periodically and work or walk around every hour, even if only for a few minutes

I hope this helps all of my patients while they are working from home for the foreseeable future! In the meantime, I am in the office to take care of all of the different stresses, physical, chemical, emotional See you all in the office this week!