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This past weekend, I attended one of the most informative, significant, and inspirational seminars I have attended to date. I attended a Perinatal Care with Webster Technique Certification Seminar through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, where I expanded my knowledge and learned the advanced skills to reach and care for both pregnant women and their babies.

One of the most important times for a woman to be adjusted is throughout her pregnancy. One of the most important times for anyone to be adjusted is as a newborn. Why is this? Let me go into more detail. 

During pregnancy, the body is going through rapid changes and growth. Oftentimes, the hips/pelvis (and entire spine really) is or can become imbalanced. This can lead to uterine tension which can restrict the baby's movement and even contribute to a compromised position of the baby in the uterus. It can also cause the mother pain and discomfort. There may also be decreased uterine and pelvic muscle tone/expulsion force which can slow down or contribute to a difficult labor. In addition, many pregnant women experience daily life stresses or added stresses associated with pregnancy, which can cause decreased blood and oxygen flow to the uterus and baby, and expose the baby to stress hormones at a delicate time. 

Chiropractic care can greatly help with all of these. The Webster Technique, which I learned this past weekend, is a system of chiropractic analysis and adjustive techniques which reduces nervous system stress, balances the mothers hips/pelvis structure, muscles and ligaments, and optimizes the mothers pelvic function in pregnancy and birth. 

Moreover, chiropractic care can reduce nervous system stress thus enhancing organ and muscle function, alleviating spinal tension, decreasing sympathetic (fight or flight high stress mode) and increasing parasympathetic (rest, heal, and digest mode), restoring normal pelvic muscle tone and balance, and offering the best physiological environment for the baby to assume an optimal position for birth. 

Why should infants receive chiropractic care? Our very first spinal misalignments often occur during the birthing process, often from mechanical forces to the baby. Gentle chiropractic care can immediately support spinal alignment and nervous system function in infants, which can in turn improve a multitude a possible issues, including colic, difficulty breastfeeding, reflux, skin issues, insomnia, torticollis, intestinal issues, and more. Based on large chiropractic reporting surveys, the three most common improvements noticed by parents in their children who are undergoing chiropractic care is improved disposition, improved immune function, and improved sleep. Here is one research study supporting the safety and effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic care.

Many women today may associate pregnancy and labor/birthing as uncomfortable, painful, scary, difficult, and a number of other things. The truth is that women's bodies are designed for pregnancy and birth, and it can be both comfortable and safe. Chiropractic offers supportive, natural care that trusts this important truth and empowers women to know and embrace this truth as well. 

I look forward to implementing more care for pregnant women, infants and children into my practice after this wonderful weekend. Thank you all for reading!



Assessing the pelvis

Gentle adjustment of a woman who is 38 weeks pregnant

Working the round ligament of the uterus 

Working the round ligament of the uterus


International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

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This is definitely something that I have heard more than a few of my patients tell me when the winter season starts wrapping up. I especially like when I hear this from patients who originally came in for more of a musculoskeletal, physical issue, but then notice less sickness as an unexpected, positive result of making holistic chiropractic treatments a regular part of their health regimen. 

This increased immune system function includes less allergy symptoms, as well as less frequent and severe colds or flus, respiratory infections, etc. 

Research in the 1990's began revealing that chiropractic adjustments increased immune cell (phagocytes, neutrophils, T and B cells, and more) in the area of adjustment and overall increase immune system function by up to 200%, particularly in the few days following an adjustment. 

Overall, regular chiropractic treatments increase nervous system and brain function by reducing interference within brain/nervous system and body signaling. This increase in nervous system function leads to greater immune system function, as the immune system is under nervous system control. 

Moral of the story- less getting sick and better overall health! 

How many of you noticed that you were sick less after starting chiropractic care? Feel free to comment below if you can identify with this awesome and sometimes surprising affect of chiropractic!


In celebration of International Women's Day, we would like to introduce the newest practitioner to our office, licensed medical massage therapist Mary Raddell with Perceptive Touch Massage and Bodywork, LLC!
Mary has worked in the health field since 2014 as a physical therapy assistant, in inpatient and outpatient hospital systems as well as in-home rehabilitation programs particularly for post-surgical patients. She now practices medical massage therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, and other manual therapies. She is great at helping patients break through both physical and energetic restrictions and blocks in the body. And she is now accepting appointments right here in the office!
You can check out more at her website , by emailing her at [email protected], or at 240-517-6223

March 03, 2019
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Today I thought I'd take it back to the basics and share the Triad of Health from my Applied Kinesiology trainings. The Triad of Health is an excellent model for understanding how I approach any patient with any health challenge.

The triangle in the Triad of Health represents the three basic causes of health problems that I consider in my evaluation/treatment for every patient:

Structural- the foundation of the triangle, this includes musculoskeletal imbalances leading to dysfunction of the nervous system

Biochemical- this includes toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, allergies/food sensitivities, organ dysfunction and more

Mental/Emotional- mental/emotional stress and energetic imbalances

To bring this to life for you all, here's an example of how all three sides of the triangle play into a health problem: A patient may complain of lower back pain. This can often be caused by musculoskeletal imbalances in the spine. There may also be digestive disturbances which can affect the muscles and vertebrae in the lower back/hips area. Furthermore, mental/emotional stress increases inflammation and pain, and a variety of particular emotions tend to negatively affect the low back, including financial stress, relationship issues, carrying too much responsibility, fear about the future, and more. 

The red bubbles around the triad of health are the five different factors that can cause muscle weakness, which is what I look for as an Applied Kinesiology, and then help me in figuring out how to treat the patient as well.

N- nerve and also nutrition problems
NL-lymphatic imbalances
NV-vascular imbalances
CSF- cranial/sacral respiratory imbalances
AMC- acupuncture meridian imbalances

Through Applied Kinesiology, I use techniques drawn from a variety of health disciplines, including chiropractic, osteopathy, biochemistry, mind-body medicine, homeopathy, and more to treat the above factors. 

Growing up as a patient, throughout school, and in my practice, I see this is as the best possible way to work with my patients- with a very holistic and comprehensive chiropractic approach!