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This past week, I had the joy of seeing Micaela in my office for the second time. Micaela is a competitive gymnast who practices 24 hours a week on top of school, and is the Maryland state vaulting champ (congrats Micaela!). 

Last November, Micaela began experiencing pain and numbness down one of her legs. Unsure of what to do, her mother contacted me. I explained that trying a conservative method of care first seemed appropriate and she brought her in. 

Micaela had never been adjusted before, and we gave her a full body holistic chiropractic treatment. We did muscle testing, muscle therapy, chiropractic adjustments, worked reflex points, and more. One of the major discoveries we made was that Micaela's SI joint was out of alignment, likely contributing to her pain and numbness. 

With just one treatment, Micaela's pain and numbness completely resolved. She has not had the problem recur since. 

Her mother said that in the past few weeks, Micaela has been vaulting more and began to notice some ankle pain. Knowing her body and knowing it was time for another visit, Micaela asked her mother if she could come in for another treatment. 

Once again, we gave Micaela the full treatment. I explained that the body is intricately connected and that we could fix up her feet, but if we didn't fix up the entire body, structurally, biochemically, and mentally/emotionally, the issues wouldn't be fully addressed.

Thanks Micaela for sharing your story with all of us, and keep on rocking!



Numerous studies now prove the connection between mind and body, but what do we do about that discovery? 

Conventional medicine employs counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, medications, and other methods to address emotional traumas. These all absolutely have their time and place, but I am grateful to also have a tool in my office that I myself can use to tamper the effects of negative emotions on the physical body.

One technique I'm grateful to be certified in is Neuro Emotional Technique to help address emotional stressors and their physical impact on the body and current health conditions. With my chiropractic adjustments and other manual work, I am often able to alleviate pain and other symptoms in the body, but if emotional stressors are a major contributor to the symptoms, these symptoms will often return. 

This is why I am so glad to have yet another tool in my arsenal that can aid in alleviating the effects of emotional stress. The super cool thing is that it's a hands on technique. With my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we can identify emotions or events that are weakening the body. We then apply various treatment techniques, whether it be an adjustment, a homeopathic or flower essence remedy, reflex points, or many other options. It just depends on what is indicated for that patient at the time!

We're entering another week here at the office, and I am looking forward to get back in to see my patients. I am so blessed to be doing what I love!


Sometimes, it's more than a simple spinal misalignment that can be causing pain or other symptoms in the body. As a chiropractor, I have been trained to identify and correct single spinal misalignments with a chiropractic adjustment, but sometimes there can be other, different issues with the joints themselves.
One of these other spinal conditions that can cause problems is called a facet imbrication, which is essentially jammed spinal joints.
This oftentimes happens after a fall or any kind of jamming motion of the spine, and can also occur from sitting too much particularly with poor posture and lack of abdominal/core muscle tone. It happens most commonly in the low back and neck.
When the spinal facet joints become jammed, or compacted, it can cause pain, muscle spasm, and even irritated nerve roots, which can go on to cause symptoms such as radiating pain, numbness, and tingling which is experienced for example in sciatica.
Thankfully, with my tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, I have learned how to detect when a jammed spinal joint is the culprit. Unlike typical traditional chiropractic adjustments, a jammed joint requires a different and specific type of fix! I must traction the spine at the level where the jam is, by holding onto the patients leg, and give a quick, strong pull to separate the joints. In the neck, I traction the neck for a few moments, and then give a gentle, quick pull headwards to separate the neck joints. The majority of times, this is immediately relieving to the patient.
I am so grateful to my tool of Applied Kinesiology to help me determine when it is a facet imbrication or "joint jam" causing issues, and for teaching me exactly how to correct this!

I had the pleasure of working with this sweet little one yesterday in my office, as well as her older brother! 

Haley has been lucky to have received chiropractic care since she was a young infant as her mother knew to take her in for her first adjustments right away. Usually, our first spinal misalignments occur during the birth process, and can then go on to interfere with a number of functions in the body. 

The answer to the question, "When should I get my first chiropractic adjustment?" is- as soon as possible! I know people who have had their children adjusted within minutes of being born. These adjustment techniques are of course very gentle and may almost seem as if nothing is happening if you are watching. However, these adjustments are happening at a crucial time in one's life!

I checked Haley's entire body for structural misalignments and particularly her cranial bones for any faulty movement. I also checked her organ systems in particular her digestive system. Mom also saw a possible cavity in her mouth, and Haley recently complained of an ear ache, so we did some work with vials to address these concerns. 

Vial therapy is a commonly used, non-invasive holistic healthcare technique and can be very powerful for children and adults alike.

Vials are imprinted with the electromagnetic field of particular substances, whether it be bacteria or viruses, organs, hormones, chemicals, and more. There is often, through muscle testing, a discovery of whether certain vials are compatible or non-compatible. Physical work can be done on the body while holding vials, such as an adjustment, working a reflex point, or other, which is a powerful combination of treatment for the body.

Thanks to mom for bringing herself as well as both of her young children in for holistic healthcare treatments.