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It was a late night in the office this past Monday, our first day back in the office after Thanksgiving break, and I ended the day with my awesome patient James!

James has been coming in for treatment monthly for two and a half years now, and it has been a joy to work with him. James truly understands the importance of maintenance care. He is young and active, working out in the gym consistently multiple days a week and playing various different sports. He also works a desk job and recognizes the importance of counteracting the effects of a sedentary job. 

At each visit, we work on various different areas of minor aches and pains, including shoulders, knees, hips, and back. Each month, we give James a good tune up, which includes muscle testing and muscle activation techniques to keep his spine supported, chiropractic adjustments, organ work and reflex points, mind-body techniques to address stress, colored lenses therapy, and more. We also update James' supplement regimen every couple of months, ensuring that he is on the appropriate supplements for his current needs. Props to James for also supporting his body with whole food based supplements. 

Don't wait until you're in a crisis to seek holistic chiropractic care. There is truly not one person who cannot benefit from regular holistic chiropractic care, even if just a few times a year. Think of chiropractic as a check up for your spine and nervous system. The benefits are wide and many!

Thank you James for being such a great example of this, and we will see you next month!


This unfortunate news has made headlines recently, and while it is sad to see, I think it is important that we be aware of news like this, and understand what it means for us and our health.
While intentions often are well-founded, there are times when they are not. There are times when medical authorities, drug companies, etc. may not have our best interests at heart. There is also simply a lack of awareness of all of the benefits of alternative health care. What does this mean for us?
I believe it means that we must take a primary and proactive role in our health and the decisions we make about our health. This means seeking conservative and holistic health care before pursuing drugs or surgeries or more aggressive medical intervention. This means seeking second opinions from other health professionals. This means reading and researching any medical intervention before making a conscious decision about your health. Question everything!
We are often not told in entirety about the negative effects of drugs or surgery. We are often not told about or referred for conservative care such as chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, herbs, and the list goes on, that can get us back to optimal health in a safe, natural way, and prevent us from many of these drugs and surgeries.
There is a place for both alternative and conservative care, but I believe that the latter is widely underutilized. It is one of my goals to change this!
It brings me so much joy to help my patients achieve optimal health in the most conservative and natural way possible, with holistic chiropractic kinesiology.
I have had patients come to me who have had past issues with drug dependency and/or pain killer addiction, who are so grateful to have the option of holistic chiropractic care. It has greatly fulfilled me to be able to provide them with relief and save them from going down that path again.