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It's Tuesday and we're back in full swing at the office! 

My patient Dottie has been coming in for regular treatments for a few years now, and has also brought her young daughter in for care. She was willing to take some photos to help me demonstrate something that I check with patients often, called Cardiac Low Back.

Many people are unaware that lower back pain can be related and connected to the heart. Sometimes, the body will throw in a "block" to keep us from overexerting ourselves and thus hurting something or stressing the heart too much. This will often come in the form of lower abdominal weakness and lower back pain. 

In these cases, we must not only treat the lower back locally with adjustments, muscle therapy, etc. but we must also address the heart component of the pain. We often will adjust a bone related to the heart, or use the activator on a number of vertebrae to stimulate the heart organ, or another treatment method depending on the patient. Without addressing the heart, the lower back pain may often return after treatment.

There are other signs that help me identify this problem with patients, including an observable forward lean when walking or standing. Thankfully, with all of my training, I have learned how to identify the many different signs and symptoms of certain issues in the body just by looking at the patient, their posture, and their walk.

After we fix the problem of Cardiac Low Back, patients often stop experiencing lower back pain, notice that their core seems stronger, and their energy levels improved, among other things!

Looking forward to seeing all of my patients in the office this week after a weekend away!


I've been very impressed recently with the success my patients and I have had in managing this spring's difficult allergy season! This allergy season was a rough one, and I am excited to say it seems to be one of the most successful we've had in treating allergies naturally here in the office.

If you check out the short article below, the author mentions the many negative side effects of allergy medications. Providing patient's with holistic treatment and natural remedies to address their allergies has resulted in many of my patients throwing out their medications entirely, or at least reducing their usage of them, both of which are excellent. 

From a holistic healthcare perspective, allergies are caused by a number of factors. In short, allergies are a result of the nervous system overreacting to things (environmental or food) that it should not be. Allergies are also highly related to poor adrenal, liver, stomach, and immune system function. Lastly, allergies occur when the body has a poor anti-inflammatory response, so anything that contributes to inflammation in the body, particularly a poor diet high in allergenic foods like wheat, dairy, corn, and soy, high sugar intake, lack of hydration, chemical exposure, and more, will drastically increase allergy symptoms.

So how do we address allergies holistically? Firstly, holistic chiropractic treatments alone can significantly alleviate allergy symptoms. Because chiropractic is calming to the nervous system (boosts parasympathetic- the rest and digest- part of the nervous system), treatments help to calm nervous system overactivity. Chiropractic adjustments also boost the immune system, allowing it to identify and attack what should be attacked, and not what shouldn't be (pollen, grass, dust, etc). I check organ and gland function on every patient at every visit with various tests, including the adrenal glands, liver, stomach, and more. If any organ insufficiency is found, we will address this both during treatment and possibly with supplement support. I also use muscle testing at each visit to determine food sensitivities that are present, so that the patient can then know what to avoid to lessen their inflammatory load and better support their body.

Lastly, I have been super impressed with Standard Process Inc. allergy support supplements. Many of my patients this season threw out their meds altogether after beginning some of Standard Process' products, including Antronex and Allerplex. Antronex is a natural histamine blotter. Unlike allergy medications, it doesn't force the body to stop producing histamine, but rather it soaks up excess histamine from the bloodstream and aids in transporting it out to the body. This means that we can work on building a healthy immune system response in the body without interference from a drug, while the natural supplement products can offer symptomatic relief and aid in boosting liver and immune system function.

No matter how long you've suffered from allergies, it is not normal to have an excessive allergy response. There is a way to address allergies and treat the root cause! Wouldn't you like to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, and fix the root cause? 

A big thanks to all of my patients who I worked with this season to address their allergy issues holistically! Again I am still just blown away at the power of holistic healthcare.


This is always a wonderful way to start the day.

This morning I adjusted 1.5 week old baby Felix before treating his mom Jenn. I treated Jenn before and throughout her entire pregnancy, so finally meeting this little guy and even more so adjusting him was awesome!

Jenn was smart to bring him in as soon as possible. Most babies first misalignments occur during the birth process. These spinal misalignments can lead to colic, digestive issues, allergies, sleep issues, breastfeeding problems, and more.

The adjustments that I give to infants are very gentle. I gently align the spinal and cranial bones for optimal nervous system, immune system, and musculoskeletal system functioning. 

Jenn was also smart to come in as soon as she was able to after delivering Felix. She wanted to support her body's optimal recovery.

Thanks for making it a great start to the day Jenn and Felix!


Here are some shots of me wrapping up Friday last week with another awesome patient, Patrick! 

Patrick is a muscle activation therapist (MAT) and fitness buff. That being said, he is very active and demands a lot out of his body. He comes in for regular sessions to keep his body supported. I am happy to say I've had him work on me as well and he's fantastic. (

One incredibly common complaint among patients that come in is lower back pain, so I thought I'd share some shots from my treatment with Patrick to explain one common finding/approach to lower back pain or stiffness.

Oftentimes, patients feel that their lower back is very restricted and tight, and the back extensor muscles are tight. Over time these over contracted back muscles can even lead to disc pinching and injury. 

Many current treatment modalities and approaches focus on releasing those tight back muscles. However, with our tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, we know that in the majority of cases, tight muscles are actually caused by WEAK muscles in another area of the body. If the weak muscles are not facilitated, the tight muscles will return time and time again. In many lower back pain cases, those weak muscles are the abdominals.

The abdominal muscles are often both shut off (neurologically not firing) and are functionally weak (haven't been exercised well), for many reasons including misalignments in the spine, poor posture, lack of good exercise, even misalignment cranium (skull) bones, etc, but did you know that these muscles are actually related to the small intestine organ?

This means that poor diet, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, and intestinal inflammation or disease can cause chronically inhibited abdominal muscles. This leads to chronically tight lower back muscles. 

This is one of THE major reasons that people experience chronic lower back pain! This is why it's important to find a practitioner who takes a holistic approach to musculoskeletal pain. With my patients, I not only check their spinal alignment and muscular functioning, but I also check their intestinal valves and GI organs for any necessary treatment. I work on the intestinal system both during the treatment, and afterwards by giving the patient any necessary supplements to support GI health, identifying food sensitivities that they need to avoid, and more. 

This holistic and comprehensive approach to lower back pain often results in longer lasting and resolution of lower back pain at its core.

Thanks Patrick for coming in and being proactive about your health. I look forward to seeing everyone in the office tomorrow Monday!