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February 21, 2017
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As my mentor Dr. Tim says "The gait of man is the fate of man." This means- a proper gait (walk) is so important!

I almost always check the muscles involved in proper walking when my patients come in for their appointments. This past weekend, I saw my patient Chris, who is a serious weightlifter and personal trainer at Breakaway Fitness in McLean, VA.  Chris puts his body to the test every day, and realizes the importance of getting chiropractic tune ups.

There are several very important muscles involved in gait.  At different points while we are walking, muscles both turn on, AND shut off.  That's right, certain muscles need to turn off at certain times in gait too.  Some of the important muscles I check are the upper traps, piriformis (hip/pelvis muscle), lat, and SCM, among others!  

If I find any of these muscles to not be turning on or off correctly in a gait (walking) position, I then use my tool of muscle testing to determine how to fix it and get it working properly, whether is is an adjustment, muscle therapy, reflex point, or other treatment that the patient needs.  

This is a great way to check the patient functionally for problems that may be going on! Since we don't live our lives always laying on our back, I muscle test and work on my patients in various different positions.  This is also key to a good thorough analysis and treatment!

Today is our last day in the office before we head out of the country for a week.  Please e-mail me at [email protected], as this will be the best way to contact me.  We will try to check voicemail and answers calls whenever possible.  Thanks and see you next week!


Opioid (painkiller) usage in the US is a huge problem. The US consumes over 80% of the worlds pain killer usage. So as my mentor says, "Does money really buy happiness and health?".

Many of my patients, especially first time patients, are blown away at how quickly a chiropractic kinesiology treatment dissipates their pain. Pain that they otherwise would have possibly been given pain killers, muscle relaxers, or even advised to have surgery for. Don't get me wrong- there is an important time and place for these therapies, but oftentimes not without employing conservative care first.

The effectiveness of chiropractic care is becoming increasingly known, but still, we have far to go. Help us spread the good word by recommending conservative chiropractic care before someone seeks out mainstream medical treatment to include drugs and surgery for pain or an injury! You can help make a difference in the health of others.


A spring-like winter day calls for some reading outside before seeing patients!

Today's read is a book I have found to be particularly educational and fascinating. I have been able to implement the knowledge I've gained from reading this book into my treatments in the form of mind-body techniques. The book is Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert, a neuroscientist and pharmacologist.

Emotions can both cause physical problems in the body, and be caused BY physical problems in the body. So, for example, you can be experiencing emotions of anger, and it cause a dysfunction in the mid back and/or liver. Conversely, chronic liver dysfunction or mid-back spinal misalignment can cause heightened emotions of anger!

With Applied Kinesiology, we can use our tool of muscle testing to identify problematic emotions affecting the body. We can also use muscle testing to implement some mind-body manual therapies to help in reducing any negative effects of the particularly emotion on the body. This is important in treating any patient as almost all health issues have some kind of mental/emotional stress or stresses involved.

Dr. Pert's book explains in vast detail the scientific processes behind the mind-body connection. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is interested in the mind-body relationship!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We actually just wrapped up a work day today in the office. I will be working a couple of Sundays a month for the next couple of months to make up for taking some other weekends off for travel. If you are interested in scheduling on a Saturday or Sunday, just ask us! They tend to book up fast, so please act soon.

Below is an article about the two chiropractic physicians who treat the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. Their job is critical to the performance of the team players today!

What do most professional athletes include in their health care regimen? Chiropractic care. And many of the professional athletes seek chiropractors particularly who specialize in Applied Kinesiology, and use muscle testing in their practice.

Regular chiropractic care is a must for any athlete at any level, and this includes young children and teens in sports programs, as well as active adults and professional athletes alike. Chiropractic kinesiology helps maintain proper body alignment, improves mobility, reduces pain and likelihood of injury, relieves sports-related hernias, increases strength, increases blood flow, reduces healing time, and just overall makes you function better.

Among the famous athletes that swear by chiropractic? Tiger Woods, Evander Holyfield, Tom Brady, Emmitt Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Venus Williams, and so many more.

Chiropractic isn't just for athletes, chiropractic is for everyone to maintain the health of their spine and nervous system. 

Enjoy watching the big game today, and we will see you back in the office tomorrow!

Dr. Amanda

We ended our Friday in the office with my lovely patient Linda, who has been coming to Synergy Chiropractic regularly for almost two years!

Among Linda's complaints when she first came in were many symptoms of lymph congestion, including general soreness/stiffness and joint pain, holding onto water/bloating/swelling, tiredness, dry skin, and more. 

Lymph is the body's natural filtering and waste drainage system. When lymph flow becomes backed up or congested in various areas of the body, it can cause symptoms like the ones listed above. This lymph back up often occurs due to irritation or inflammation of the internal organs or muscles.

In Applied Kinesiology, one of the techniques we learn is assessment and treatment of the Chapman Neurolymphatic Reflex Points. Developed by a Doctor of Osteopathy, Frank Chapman, in 1920, these reflex points are located throughout the body. Each organ and muscle shares its own lymphatic reflex points. We will commonly muscle test to detect certain muscular weaknesses, and then will rub the reflex point in a circular motion for about a minute to rebalance lymphatic drainage, if we determine that this is in fact what the patient needs. The points will often be tender to the touch if they need to be worked on.

Treating a patient using Chapman's neurolymphatic points helps to encourage the flow of lymphatic (waste) drainage in certain regions of the body, and also helps to relax the related nerves, resulting in better musculoskeletal and neurological function throughout the body. Linda often notices these beneficial effects almost immediately, such as decreased swelling and decreased joint pain.

Thank you Linda for helping us demonstrate another useful tool in Applied Kinesiology!