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This winter season, when you start feeling sick, or if you just want to keep your immune system working at its best, schedule your chiropractic tune up first and right away!

The nervous system, which chiropractic adjustments greatly effect, and the immune system, go hand-in-hand. Spinal misalignments result in a poorly coordinated immune system. 

In 1992, a majorly important study on how chiropractic effects the immune system was done, and showed that a chiropractic adjustment raised white blood cell (fighter cell) counts in the area significantly. The latest research has shown the receiving a chiropractic adjustment has resulted in nearly a 200% increase in immune system function throughout the body.

I encourage everyone to receive chiropractic tune ups throughout these winter months to keep their immune systems fighting optimally! This is one of the best, and safest, options to stay healthy this winter.


Today I saw my patient Kelly for her regular tune up, and this week Kelly is about 34 weeks pregnant! 

People often wonder if expectant mothers should be treated with chiropractic care, and the answer is, absolutely YES. Chiropractic and pregnancy are like peanut butter and jelly, as some would say.

I have included some pictures below that demonstrate how we help to make Kelly comfortable on the chiropractic table for her treatments. We have a special piece on the table that drops out and makes a nice comfy space for Kelly's growing belly. This way, I am able to do all of the adjustments and work that I need to do. 

I check all of my prenatal patients for proper spinal alignment, particularly in the pelvis and hips to ensure that the baby is optimally positioned, and that the mother is not in pain due to the growing musculoskeletal stresses. We also check all organ systems to make sure they are on board and working properly, and give support wherever may be needed. Also important to check is emotions and any neuro-emotional complexes, as we call them, that may be present, possibly leading to higher stress or difficulty with pregnancy and/or delivery. These are just a few of the things that we check at each visit.

A big thanks to Kelly for letting us take a few pictures to demonstrate one of the ways in which we work on expectant patients! I have also included some infographics on prenatal chiropractic care. Thanks for checking it out!