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I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to talk about ionization and proper ion balance in the body.

Lately I have used a new vial called the "Polarity" vial to muscle test ion balance in the body.

The human body is a balance of postive and negative ions. Most of us are inundated with positive ions, which are emmitted by electronics, radiation and UV rays, fires and lightening, and more. Positive ion generation has increased with us living in the "concrete jungle" which disrupts natural ion balance. The increasing use of electronics is where we are also seeing much of our positive ions coming from these days.

Negative ions are generated with evaporating water such as on the beach or waterfalls, in nature and ionic minerals. Since we spend less and less time outside, we no longer absorb as many negative ions.

Negative ions increase oxygen carrying capacity in the body, particularly to the brain, resulting in increased release of serotonin and other feel-good neurotransmitters. Negative ions also have been found to alleviate depression, allergies and asthma. Negative ions boost immune system function as well.

I muscle test each of my patients for ion balance in his/her body, to see if there seems to be any imbalance. With chiropractic kinesiology and certain treatment techniques that I have learned from my mentor, optimal ion balance can be supported and increased during treatments!

I also encourage all of my patients to get outside into nature to get your negative ions! You don't have to be at the beach to do this. Walking on the wet grass in the morning barefoot is a great way to absorb some negative ions. You may also see some pink salt lamps in my office, which are emitting negative ions into the air constantly.


I love this quote that I recently found and wanted to share it with all of my patients.

In my opinion we need to completely change our view of medicine! Rather than rely on drugs and surgery as a first line of treatment, we should focus on strengthening the body's systems and bringing the body back into balance health-wise in a conservative and non-invasive way so that drugs are unnecessary. 

Symptoms are the body's signal that something is not right, that something is out of balance in the body.

Drugs often suppress the symptoms but do not fix the root cause. Think of drugs as "turning off the fire alarm, but the house is still burning down".

The body is an amazing machine and will heal itself if given the opportunity to do so with the right care and treatment.

One of my goals with my patients is to help in getting them off of medications that act as band-aids and often have numerous negative side effects on the body. It is so rewarding both for my patients and I, when they come in with a laundry list of prescription drugs they are taking, and it begins to get shorter and shorter!

With holistic health care, diet, and lifestyle changes, patients and their doctors find that medications and/or surgery are often no longer necessary.




This past weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting an Applied Kinesiology muscle testing lecture/workshop for my friend and personal trainer/health coach Renee Moten, Functional Fitness, LLC.
I demonstrated with muscle testing how there are many factors of health that all affect the ability to lose weight. While exercise and diet are so important, there are other factors to consider as well.
First, I demonstrated how we use muscle testing to determine if there are any structural/musculoskeletal imbalances, which will lead to inability to exercise well or correctly. Spinal misalignments will also interfere with proper nervous system function, which affects weight loss and metabolism greatly.
Secondly, I demonstrated how we use muscle testing to check certain organ systems. For example, one participant I tested to have many adrenal related muscles weak. If the adrenals and/or entire endocrine (hormonal) system isn't functioning well, weight loss will be difficult to achieve. We also tested for some food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies.
Lastly, I demonstrated how important the mind-body connection and emotional stress is to losing weight. Emotions can essentially get "stuck" in the body, and cause an array of health problems. They can certainly make it difficult to lose weight, or contribute to "emotional eating". With muscle testing, we can identify and help process through these "stuck" emotions.
I had a blast at this workshop, and look forward to doing many more in the future! Now I'm ready for a great week in the office!

Mother and son duo Ernesto and Doris both paid me a visit together yesterday for their chiropractic kinesiology tune ups! 

Ernesto found me about 4 months ago, in desperation suffering from 10/10 lower back pain and sciatica.  He has some degenerated discs in his lower back and is very active.  I saw Ernesto at the end of the day on a Saturday on an emergency basis, and since then he has been significantly improved, has returned to the gym, and only needs to come in every 4-6 weeks or so for a tune up!  

Ernesto then brought his mom in for similar issues of lower back pain, as well as some upper back, shoulders, and neck pain. She too, has responded well to care in the office after just a few visits! 

Both of these patients are hard working and incredibly good-hearted. I am so grateful to call them my patients and honored to be their health care physician and overall "fixer upper".  

Thanks to Ernesto and his mom Doris for being proactive in your health care and choosing a conservative and holistic approach to health.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Did you know that besides adjusting restricted spinal and extremity joints in the body, I also have learned how to literally adjust the body's internal organs if they have become displaced?

I learned this gentle technique of manipulating the body's internal organs, called Visceral Manipulation, in my Total Body Modification courses. 

Total Body Modification is another healing system that I have learned in addition to chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, NET, and other techniques that I use. TBM works to "re-boot" the body's own computer systems, positively affecting the nervous system, skeletal system, and other systems mainly through use of the activator to stimulate certain nerves exiting the spine.

Sometimes, the body's organs can become displaced or develop tissue adhesions, which can interfere with organ function and cause symptoms of distress of that organ. For example, people often experience acid reflux when the stomach becomes displaced up through the diaphragm. Through visceral manipulation, the stomach can be repositioned and the reflux stopped.

Visceral manipulation uses soft manual forces to normalize mobility and function of the organs and their connective tissues.

This technique has also been very helpful in some patients of mine who have experienced scar tissue formation after surgery or a major injury.

I am so grateful to have Visceral Manipulation as another one of the tools in my tool belt for my patients!