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Something I often tell my patients is that the chiropractic adjustment is so positively powerful for the brain and nervous system.
What do I mean by this?
We won't get into the complete neurophysiological explanation, but here's a number of reasons why getting an adjustment contributes to healthy brain and nervous system functioning:
*Spinal adjustments result in improved nerve conduction throughout the body
*Increased spinal motion where there was previously a decrease stimulates the brain more and increases brain signaling from the body, sending the brain more updated information
*Chiropractic adjustments stimulate meditative Alpha brain waves causing greater degrees of relaxation and healing
*Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the brain to form new neural connections, which improves the overall mental state, memory, and brain function
In short, receiving a chiropractic treatment is much like re-booting a computer, in this case the computer that is your body! We get the brain and body communicating better, and we remove stresses on the nervous system, particularly in the form of spinal misalignments. This is why scheduling regular chiropractic treatments are vital to maintaining a healthy, well-functioning body.
We are back in the office this Tuesday, April 26th! I can't wait to return to my patients after a few days of vacation. See you all this week!

I had such a fun morning yesterday speaking at Career Day at Connelly School of the Holy Child, my high school alma mater!

I spoke to 3 different groups of high school students as one of 3 speakers in the Heatlh and Medicine Group. I spoke alongside a NICU nurse and a nurse practitioner. I shared with the students all about chiropractic kinesiology, alternative and holistic medicine, starting a small business, challenges and successes, and what I have experienced so far on mycareer path.

The word "doctor" actually comes from the Latin meaning 'to teach'. I want to take every opportunity to teach people all that I know about the benefits of and true healing found in holistic healthcare, particularly chiropractic kinesiology, and why looking at human health as a triad of structural, mental/emotional, and biochemical factors is so important.

It was so enjoyable for me to be able to participate in my high school's annual Career Day, and I look forward to possibly speaking again next year!


Cholesterol has gotten a pretty bad rap. I want to tell you today that cholesterol has been unfairly labeled as the "bad guy"!
Almost every single cell in our body creates cholesterol. In fact, only about 20% of our blood cholesterol comes directly from our diet, while 80% is manufactured by the body itself. Why? Because we need cholesterol for so many things. We need cholesterol to respond to any stress in the body. We need cholesterol for healing and immune system function, hormone production, healthy brain function, cell membrane integrity, vitamin D production, and so much more.
Some of the most common side effects of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are muscle spasms or pains, and memory loss. This is because without cholesterol, we cannot produce the protective covering around our nerves that maintain proper muscle function, and we cannot maintain brain health since most of the brain is made of fat!
The current cholesterol parameters set by the current medical field have also been lowered over the years, likely a combination of intention to boost drug sales and the general mentality and education of "the lower, the better". While the recommended upper cholesterol limit today is 200, in 1981, the recommended upper limit was 310.
So what are some good guidelines for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels? First of all, there are a few factors even more important than the total cholesterol number, such as the HDL and LDL levels. HDL is mostly known as "good cholesterol" and LDL is "bad cholesterol". We need both, but in an optimal ratio. To increase your HDL, eat healthier sources of cholesterol, including cold water fish and shellfish such as salmon, sardines, shrimp, etc. along with cod liver oil supplements, real butter, and lastly runny egg yolks. Yes, eat egg yolks! But eat them runny. Nature is so perfect that in the egg yolk there exists an enzyme that actually helps us to metabolize cholesterol, but if we cook the yolk, we destroy this enzyme, actually making it harder to metabolize and use cholesterol correctly.
Also, exercise regularly! Quit sugar, quit grains and corn, manage your stress levels, and more to naturally keep your cholesterol balanced and to keep your LDL cholesterol lowered. Commit to making a healthy lifestyle your priority.
Another important factor is LDL ("bad cholesterol") particle size. You want to be sure the the LDL particles are large and not small, as smaller LDL particles can clog arteries more. (By the way, sugar makes fat stickier, and actually helps cholesterol stick to artery walls, so again-avoid sugar!)
To increase your LDL particle size, again, increase your HDL through diet and aerobic exercise, consume less simple sugars and alcohol, and eat more fish, eat healthier oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.
While there is so much more to be said about one of my favorite misunderstood topics- cholesterol, I hope you find some of this basic info helpful on your path to optimal health!

I spent yesterday, Sunday morning, at an Applied Kinesiology seminar in Bethesda learning a lot about the topic of scoliosis! Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, is one of the health conditions that is often most successfully treated with chiropractic and especially chiropractic along with Applied Kinesiology.

Most scoliosis is "idiopathic" basically meaning the cause is unknown. What we as chiropractic kinesiologists usually find with our tool of muscle testing is that certain muscles in the body are shut off, causing the spine to deviate over time. 

We can use our tool of muscle testing to determine which muscles are shut off. In the case of scoliosis, there are two in particular- the psoas and sacrospinalis muscles. We can figure out why they are shut off- spinal misalignments, dietary factors, dehydration, mental/emotional stressors? We can check all causes, and then get the muscles working again with the appropriate treatment for that individual!

Other factors that I always check with my patients with scoliosis is the presence of dural torque, or twisting of the protective layer of the spinal cord" which can contribute to scoliosis, hormonal imbalances especially in teenagers, and neurological switching when the brain-body communication becomes a little jumbled for a simple explanation. We can again address all of these issues with the appropriate therapy, whether it be spinal adjustments, organ/reflex point work, nutritional therapy, mind-body techniques, and more.

This can make a huge positive change in scoliosis, as you can see in the photo below of a before and after spinal curvature treated with chiropractic care.

What is the conventional medical field's gold standard treatment approach for scoliosis? Spinal bracing to essentially force the spine back into a straighter position, or ultimately Herrington rods- surgical stainless steel rods with hooks and a ratchet that are fused and secured into the spinal vertebrae.

I urge anyone with scoliosis, whether young or older, whether mild or serve, or whether the cause is unknown or due to a spinal deformity or disease, etc. to seek chiropractic care FIRST before any other treatments, especially surgery. 

I myself first saw my chiropractor Dr. Rosenberg at the age of 12 because I had been diagnosed in my grade school with scoliosis. My mom first brought me to our family MD who recommended we keep an eye on it and put me in a body brace if it worsened. I thank my mom for seeking a second opinion with my chiropractor, who treated me for the scolsios, reversing my spinal curve by over ten degrees. I never needed to be braced and live symptom-free. Most importantly, we addressed and treated the underlying causes of my scoliosis, which was a combination of structural, biochemical, and mental/emotional stressors, resulting in my better health overall. 

The results we see with patients with scoliosis are not only remarkable but consistent...another amazing "miracle" of chiropractic kinesiology!