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February 24, 2016
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Vitamin D deficiency is something we hear a lot about these days. After years of being told to slather on the sunscreen all day every day, along with decreasing amounts of time spent outside, and decreasing amounts of vitamin D found in our food sources, we are finding that many, many Americans are now deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is necessary for literally thousands of processes in the body, including: happy, healthy mood stability, bone growth and remodeling, immune system function, sex hormone synthesis, heart health, reduction of inflammation, and more.

My patients are sometimes surprised to hear when I recommend occasional visits to the tanning bed to get in a megadose of vitamin D. Just a a short amount of time, anywhere from 5-10 minutes, in a low level basic tanning bed, every few weeks in winter, no need to overdo it. The benefits of this can be far and wide.

Some of my patients are concerned about tanning beds causing cancer. This may be true in cases of overuse/abuse of the tanning bed, use of toxic chemical tanning lotions, and overall poor health. If cancer is occurring in the body, it is likely a result of a combination of many different health factors, including multiple organ system dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, high toxic load and systemic inflammation, mental/emotional and physical stress, and more. This is another topic completely, but that is to put it in a nutshell.

In fact, vitamin D is protective against cancer, is actually necessary for the body to fight cancer. 

So, if you are feeling low/depressed, sick or like you may be fighting something off, or just plain feel like you haven't seen or felt the sun in days, go for a short session in the tanning bed. It will likely be instantaneously uplifting to your mood and body. You can put sunscreen on in sensitive places such as the face, but leave other large areas of the body exposed to the rays, such as your arms and legs. Also, always tan in the daytime when the sun is normally out, so as not to throw off the circadian rhythm of your body (your body's own internal clock).

While certain vitamin D supplements are also a good alternative, there is occasionally nothing quite like the real deal of the sun.

Now let's just make it through the next couple of months, so we can get outside to get our sunshine vitamin!

This past Saturday and Sunday I attended another Applied Kinesiology seminar! Today Sunday was all about the shoulder joint.

Think that nothing can really be done about shoulder problems? Think again! With chiropractic kinesiology, there are 5 major areas of the shoulder joint that I assess and treat.

With muscle testing, we can assess the shoulder joint for misalignments such as numerous different shoulder joint misalignments, slipped tendons in the shoulder, rotator cuff dysfunction, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and more. 

We then treat with all of the tools are our disposal depending on what the individual patient needs, including chiropractic adjusting, muscle therapy, acupuncture meridian balancing techniques, mind-body techniques, nutritional supplementation, and more.

Once again with a holistic health perspective, we acknowledge that the shoulder joint is related to other areas and issues in the body. The shoulder joint relates to protein digestion and intestinal absorption, the intestinal ileocecal valve, the lung and stomach meridians, misalignments in the lower back/pelvis and foot, the TMJ, emotional stress, and more. Proper function of the shoulder is necessary for all of these other health issues, and vice versa! 

I love working on the extremities, especially the shoulder joint. Many people are told there is nothing that can be done further for their shoulder issues, or are simply given pharmaceuticals to reduce the pain and inflammation. In reality, there is much to be assessed and fixed regarding the shoulder joint. To silence the body's signals (pain or limited motion, etc) that something is wrong is not the solution. I am grateful for my tools of Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic which allow me to very thoroughly check and fix shoulder issues once and for all!


My patient Sonia was kind enough to allow me to share some of her most recent treatment and her experiences here at Synergy Chiropractic! 

Sonia first came to me a few months ago after her husband Mike convinced her to give it a try. A couple of months later, she has experienced improvements in her overall energy levels and has even been able to cut down her coffee intake drastically. She also was experiencing some widespread joint pain, in her knees and wrists particularly, which have improved as well! 

Just as with any patient, we have taken all factors of health into consideration with Sonia. We have addressed long standing structural (spinal misalignments, nervous system balance, etc), chemical (nutrition, toxins, organ systems, etc), and mental/emotional stressors. 

We have used chiropractic adjustments, muscle testing, lymphatic reflex points, acupuncture meridian balancing, mind-body techniques, nutritional supplements and homeopathy, and more to help balance Sonia's body and improve her overall health.

I continue to working more with Sonia on her path to optimal wellness!


Muscle testing a hand muscle and giving Sonia a left wrist adjustment.  Sometimes, the carpal (wrist) bones become "jammed" and improperly mobile.  This is one adjustment to help restore alignment to the small but important bones of the wrist.

A couple of weeks ago, I started feeling the stirrings of a cold coming on as a mild sore throat and cough.  So what did I do? I immediately received a chiropractic kinesiology treatment from my colleague.  

After a good physical work over to get my body functioning optimally again and ready to fight this cold, he muscle tested me for the specific nutritional supplement support that I needed.  

Below is a list of some great, natural antimicrobials (bug-killers!).  How do you know which one is right for you? Get muscle tested! We are dynamic beings who are always changing, and no one is the same.  While my body tested positively for taking Garlic 4/day, you may test for something else completely to help you.  

The Garlic supplement along with the treatment completely knocked out my "cold", and I stopped experiencing any cold symptoms the day after I got treated and began my Garlic supplement.  These are some potent antibiotics from Mother Nature!

Also, the absolute BEST thing to do as soon as you feel you are getting sick, or are sick, is to go get a chiropractic kinesiology treatment! Don't cancel because you are sick.  There's no better time to get treated.  Your body needs the support to fight off sickness.  It will also allow you to figure out what supplements you need to take to get over the sickness, rather than having to resort to prescriptions.  The earlier you address it with holistic care, the better!

Now let's have a healthy rest of the winter!

Dr. Amanda