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I am so proud of my sister Tiffany for sharing her story on her unmedicated and completely natural birth of her second daughter, Sienna! 

Birth/Obstetrics is yet another category of health that has become vastly over medicalized and expensive. The current birth model in our country is incredibly flawed in many ways. While we rank top amongst countries for our emergency care, America ranks 61st in the country for maternal health, the worst of any developed country. The United States also unbelievably ranks #1 amongst all wealthy countries for infant death rates. 

We have made pregnancy and birth out to be a medical emergency that should be feared, rather than a miracle, and a normal process of life. 

Midwives and doulas are on the rise. They are being recognized for their incredible wisdom, knowledge, and capability to coach a soon-to-be mother throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

I encourage all of my patients to become educated on this topic, whether male or female. It's time that we start thinking for ourselves and doing our own research, as opposed to buying and believing everything that the mainstream medical world tells us. It's time that we start making our own decisions about our bodies.

I invite you to read my sisters article below! Also, visit for an amazing and award-winning documentary series on birth.…/tiffany-unmedicated-birth/

I was so happy to receive this email from a patient today, and wanted to share it because I think it is a great example of how many more benefits there are to chiropractic kinesiology treatments than simply just pain relief!

Patient Erin came in to me recently with upper back, neck, and shoulder pain with headaches, as well as lower back pain. While her pain levels are improving, she also shared that she has been sleeping better. Yes, sleeping better! 

The benefits of chiropractic are far and wide. Since we treat the whole person and all factors affecting whole health, including physical, chemical, and emotional factors, oftentimes numerous other health issues begin to resolve as well. 

Erin has allowed me to share her email with you all. Thank you Erin!


This is so true!

Biochemical stressors such as sugar, certain foods (wheat, dairy, corn, soy), chemicals/additives/preseratives, environmental toxins, and more can cause or contribute to your symptoms. Whether it's back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. there is almost always a biochemical factor. 

You may notice your symptoms or pain increase or flare up on days that you eat more bread, sweets, dairy, corn, or soy, or other food stressors. You may notice that it seems your adjustment didn't "hold" for very long. This can oftentimes be due to a chemical stressor that knocks a vertebrae right back out.

We can use muscle testing in the office here to determine which foods and other chemicals/toxins are affecting and stressing your body the most. Then it's up to you to eliminate those dietary stressors!

Start taking note of what flares up your symptoms, and start cutting down on the problematic foods!


It was great to see my patient Mikhail this past week at the office! 

Mikhail came in to me a few months ago complaining of pain in his upper back and neck, right shoulder area, and then traveling down his arm all the way to his hand. He had pain and numbness/tingling down both arms when he initially came in. He had already been seeing a chiropractor for some time without improvement.

Today he is generally anywhere from 85-100% improved, he says.

I have treated Mikhail and worked on a multitude of factors causing his symptoms. I have adjusted him appropriately using muscle testing to make sure I am giving him the exact adjustments that he needs. We have worked on his internal organ systems and reduced toxicity and inflammation in his body. We have given him a B6-Niacin supplement, a deficiency often found in carpal tunnel and other similar conditions. We have worked on emotional stressors, postural stressors at work, and more.

By addressing ALL of the factors of health, we have gotten Mikhail almost completely symptom-free. Mikhail's body was letting us know that things were not in balance. Now we have worked on achieving balance.

Below I am giving Mikhail a standing T2 (upper back) adjustment. This is a very specific adjustment for a misaligned vertebrae in the upper back. This adjustment is instantly relieving of chronic upper back and neck tension and compression. It frees nerve flow to the arm, improves heart and thyroid function, blood sugar balance, and gives an instant energy boost. Most people feel an instant relaxation of their body. It's an amazing adjustment and just one of the many in my tool belt! 



I am happy to share patient Feona's incredible story with you today. 

Feona was in a severe auto accident in Easter 2000 that resulted in multiple fatalities. We have included a picture below showing just how horrible this accident was. 

Thankfully, Feona survived the crash, but was left in a great deal of pain years later due to multiple bone breaks, bruises, and organ lacerations that she sustained during the accident. 

Finally, 15 years after the accident, Feona has found relief with Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic. 

Oftentimes, injuries sustained in the past can cause pain and symptoms for years and years due to resulting imbalances and a sort of “injury memory” that the body can hold. The body can sometimes be unable to stop pain signals long after the injury has occurred. Scar tissue and imbalances in the body as a result of past injuries can cause any health issues. There are certain techniques we can do to address these injuries and restore the body to pre-injury muscle balance. 

I have been working with Feona to restore her structural alignment and joint integrity, as well as muscle testing her to address imbalances in the acupuncture meridians and organ systems, mental/emotional stressors, lymphatic drainage and other reflex points, and more. I have done work around all of her previous injuries sustained from the accident. All in all, I treat Feona as a whole person, taking into account all factors of her health- structural, nutritional, and mental/emotional. 

Feona has been kind enough to share her experience:
"I am a native New Zealander who in April of 2000 was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver. The drunk driver smashed into my car while going in excess of 90 mph. Two of the three occupants in the vehicle that hit me died at the scene. Somehow I survived, looking back now, I have no idea how I survived as my car was demolished beyond recognition. I had to be cut out of the car with the Jaws of Life and was then airlifted by helicopter to the hospital, where I remained for the next few weeks. I suffered list breaks compound fractures, lacerated liver, lots of deep cuts and major bruising.

My superficial injuries mended over the next few years, the physical and mental injuries including an ongoing ‘brain fog’ continued. Seven years after the accident I started to experience chronic pain. After steroid injections in my neck to block nerve transmissions, physical therapy, countless chiropractic adjustments, and massages I was still suffering from severe chronic pain. Some days I felt semi OK but most days I felt like my head was a lump of heavy concrete, and the pain in my neck was excruciating. My jaw always felt tight and strained, my and my head throbbed constantly. My entire body was rigidly tight all of the time. I couldn’t think straight. I really didn’t feel compelled or inspired to do much as the pain was too consistent and intense. No matter what I did I could no longer enjoy a decent nights sleep.

This past summer while undergoing physical therapy in Vail, Colorado I was referred to Dr. Amanda Thompson of Rockville, MD to continue treatments upon my return to Washington, D.C.. Dr. Thompson has transformed my life. Through her proactive bi-weekly treatments she has eliminated the chronic pain I was experiencing. The head fog I was experiencing for many years has at last lifted, I am sleeping so much better, and able to lead a more active and productive life."

Also, Feona is a successful consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists. I have personally used one of her recommended skincare regimens for a few months now with fantastic results. I have never seen my skin clearer and more radiant then perhaps when I was a little girl! Thanks to Feona for being a beautiful and kind person, for sharing your experiences, and for helping others as well! Check out her info below, and in the picture attached to this post:

Feona Mulholland
[email protected]