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There's a lot of buzz going on involving the WHO's recent statement on meat and cancer! Here are my thoughts on the recent report by the WHO stating that eating processed meat causes cancer:

Will I continue to eat meat? Definitely. Will I continue to recommend that my patients eat healthy meats and protein sources? Yes. But it should be done in the right, healthy way.

One of the most important distinctions that needs to be made is that there is a huge difference between eating processed, conventionally raised meats, and eating truly natural, healthy, often labeled as "free-range" or "grass-fed" organic meat and protein sources. 

Processed meats are often loaded with preservatives, additives, hormones, antibiotics, pollutants, and other chemicals. Certified organic meats are generally free of these chemicals and carry a drastically lower toxic load. Everyone must learn to become an avid and knowledgable label reader! We must begin to know what is the quality and origin of the food we are buying.

Furthermore, the meat of organically and humanely raised animals is much higher in essential nutrients and healthy omega fats, while conventionally raised animals have meat that is high in unwanted and unhealthy fats. You are as healthy as the animal that you are eating was. So how was your animal raised? Roaming and eating grass, bugs, and other nutrient-dense foods that it was meant to eat? Or was it raised in an intensive, cramped animal farm, under high stress conditions, and eating diets of corn and processed grains? Animals were not meant to live off grains, just as humans are not.

So yes, quality of the meat plays a huge role. What also plays a huge role is otherwise how balanced your diet is. Are you eating a clean and healthy diet otherwise? Are you eating many vegetables, some fruits, and other healthy foods as you should be?

Even furthermore, how balanced of a life are you living? Are you managing your stress in addition to eating well? Are you practicing self-care? The more you do these things, the lower your overall inflammation levels are, meaning the healthier you are. Inflammation is a normal immune response, that is supposed to be short lived. When we are chronically stressed, both physically and mentally, inflammation can become more chronic and cause damage to the body, as well as set the stage for disease and cancer.

Cancer is not usually caused by just one thing. Rather it is a cumulative result of a combination of chemical, structural, and emotional factors.

Check out the article below for a great summarization of the latest WHO report by my great, successful fellow colleague Dr. Phil Maffetone!

This infographic posted by the ICAK-USA shows all the things that I assess at every visit in the office! 

During a treatment, using muscle testing, we find what muscles aren't working (weak muscles) and what muscles are working. Once we find a weak muscle, we determine why it is shut off. These factors below are all of the reasons that a muscle may be weak.

*It could be a spinal misalignment that needs to be adjusted. 
*It could be lymphatic points that need to be worked on (if I've ever dug into tender points on your body you have experienced this!). 
*It could be neuromuscular points that need to be held (I do this on the forehead a lot!). 
*It may be an acupuncture system imbalance that we will correct. 
*And finally, it may be a nutrient deficiency that we must supply with nutritional supplements (are you taking your supplements as prescribed?). 

When we address ALL of these factors, then we can truly fix the underlying causes of the pain or symptom.

I couldn't practice chiropractic without Applied Kinesiology, my incredibly valuable system of muscle testing! Thanks to all of my patients for sharing in my appreciation of muscle testing, and wanting to learn more about what happens during a treatment here at Synergy Chiropractic.


Guess what we are waking up to this Monday morning? Rise and smell the bone broth! We have had lamb bones slow cooking in water, apple cider vinegar, and salt, along with some veggies, for about 48 hours now, and this morning, it's ready to drink!

Bone broth is a powerful medicine. While the bones were sitting in the slow cooker over the last couple of days, all of the minerals, marrow, and nutrients were being leeched out of the bones and into the broth. See all of that good, healthy fat floating on top of the broth?

Bone broth has been hailed as a "magical elixir". Joint pain? Sick often? Difficulty sleeping? Osteoporosis? Drink some bone broth. 

Bone broth helps to:

*Heal and seal your gut, healing Leaky Gut Syndrome. Gelatin found in bone broth helps seal up damaged intestinal walls.

*Protect your joints. Bone broth is high in Glucosamine.

*Look younger. Bone broth is high in collagen.

*Sleep better and improves memory.

*Boosts immune system. This broth is high in minerals and is considered a superfood.

*Builds stronger bones.

And much more.

And if you don't want to make your own at home (although this is best), buy some bone broth at the store. Make sure it's from healthy, organically raised animals. I bought this bag of bones at a certified organic farm- Fox Hollow in Gaithersburg, MD.


It was great to treat a fellow healer today! Brenda is an energy healer as well as certified Reiki healer who practices in Rockville. She has been coming in for holistic chiropractic care for quite some time now! It was fun to see her for her tune up today. 

We took some photos demonstrating what we call the Triad of Health. Holistic chiropractic care addresses not only structural imbalances and spinal misalignments, but also includes treating our organ systems and emotional stressors too. 

This is the Triad of Health. It includes physical, mental, and biochemical factors. They are three sides of the health triangle. 

Whenever I see a patient in my office, I evaluate all three sides. I check for any and all structural imbalances in the spine and extremities. I check for any emotional stressors that may be behind the symptoms using mind-body techniques and muscle testing. I also check all of the organ systems to make sure they are working properly and determine if there are any nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, food allergies, and more. In this way, no underlying factors are excluded when treating the patient.