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It was great to see patient Tom this past Saturday for his second visit to the office. Tom came in with left shoulder, left hip, left knee, and left ankle pain. After just one treatment, the hip, knee, and ankle pain are gone, and the shoulder is better. 
Below are pictures of me muscle testing Tom's shoulder. I always muscle test before I treat so that I know exactly what I need to work on! Muscle testing lets me know exactly what is going on in the body.

I have also included a picture of me adjusting Tom's knee. Many people don't know that not only do I adjust the spine, but I adjust the extremities (shoulders, knees, wrists, feet, etc) as well! I had to look outside of my chiropractic school's curriculum to learn how to adjust the extremities. I mostly learned how to do this in post-grad seminars and from my mentor Dr. Tim Francis. Aligning the extremities is very important to overall function. Most of the acupuncture meridians also run through the arms and legs, so misalignments in the extremities can block meridian energy flow.

Imagine if a bone is out in the foot- as soon as the patient gets up from the treatment table to walk out, that one misalignment in the foot can throw everything above it off. It is important to check all parts of the spine, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and feet!


It's a new week at the office and I've got brand new goodies in the treatment room! I recently got new Sacro Occipital Technnique pelvic blocks. These DeJarnette blocks, developed by a chiropractor and osteopath in the 1920's, are designed to correct specific patterns of imbalance in the body. They provide a low-force adjustment to the pelvis, which re-clibrates the patients nervous system. They also release torque and tension in the spine and spinal cord, allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow better.

I also got a thoracic (upper and mid back) adjusting piece to help with some of my thoracic adjustments. It provides extra support to ensure more accurate adjustments for the patient.

Just a few of the shiny new toys you may see and experience during your treatments this week! I am looking forward to getting back in the office tomorrow! Happy new week!


I have been treating my wonderful patient Marcia for almost 3 years now. Last year, Marcia was diagnosed with breast cancer, from which we are happy to say she has now fully recovered! While receiving conventional cancer treatment, Marcia also, without fail, came in bi-weekly to support her body while undergoing cancer treatment. She rarely missed her bi-weekly appointment and was dedicated to getting well. She also took supplements and homeopathy as recommended in the office to further support her body's systems.

Chiropractic kinesiology treatments enhance optimal function of the body's nervous system, the master commander system of the body! Adjustments and kinesiology also boost the body's immune system. It is not uncommon for patients to state that they notice getting sick much less after beginning chiropractic care. Also, treatments in the office can help to reduce side effects and/or physical pain due to treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, and boy did Marcia bounce back quickly!

Thanks to patient Marcia for putting your trust and faith in Dr. Amanda and Synergy Chiropractic! And CONGRATULATIONS on now being cancer-free!





My 15 year old patient Katya (wearing some fantastic socks for us) helped take 'Before and After' pictures to help demonstrate the change in her 'dural torque' before and after her treatment last Saturday. 
Dural torque is a reflection of the amount of spine and spinal cord tension in the body. This can be caused by spinal misalignments, foot dysfunction, cranial faults, nutritional deficiencies, toxic chemicals or allergens, mental/emotional stress, and more. Since we address all of these factors in our chiropractic kinesiology sessions, we can balance the dural torque in the body, as you can see in the after picture! 
This is just one great way that I test for imbalance in the body and determine how to fix it. I then go back and re-check the dural torque, making sure I leave my patient as balanced as I can get them. This not only results in better muscle and skeletal system function and less pain, it also supports healthier nervous system and immune system function, helping your body to work better and fight off sickness!
Often times, patients can feel the difference as we turn the legs in as shown in the pictures. Before their treatment, one side will feel tighter. Afterwards, they feel free and even movement in both legs when we turn them in. 
Just another amazing tool that I learned from Applied Kinesiology!

I had a blast as a guest lecturer, along with Dr. Robert Ciprian, at University of Maryland's graduate Health Communications class last night. I love any opportunity to inform people and especially students on the alternative medicine field, its reemergence in medicine, the misconceptions, and just answering any questions about our powerful and effective field of holistic medicine! We even got to demo some muscle testing to the students. 
The students were eager to learn all about our field and how it can help people to restore their true health, by using the body's own gentle healing abilities, and without invasive and aggressive therapies such as drugs and surgery. 
If you have any speaking/lecture opportunities that you would like me to ask me about, please do not hesitate to ask me! 'Doctor' is originally of Latin meaning "to teach". To be a doctor, is to teach.
Thank you University of Maryland and Professor Elizabeth Petrun!