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January 25, 2015
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My Christmas gift to Synergy Chiropractic this year was an extensive set (2,000 to be exact) of homeopathic remedies! Homeopathy is a powerful, gentle, and yet effective form of medicine. Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1790's, homeopathy treats based off the rule of "like treats like". These tiny pellets carry ultra-diluted substances which aid in healing literally hundreds of thousands of different symptoms and health ailments that patients may be suffering from. Many of you may have heard of the common homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana to treat physical traumatic injuries and bruises. This remedy along with numerous other homeopathic remedies can now be found here in our office. The remedies are immediately effective, and are gentle and non-toxic, making them especially good for babies and children. I am finding homeopathy to be a powerful adjunct to my patients treatment sessions. Homeopathy has experienced impressive popularity in Europe for hundreds of years, remaining the first go-to form of alternative medicine throughout Europe. Today, the healing power of these remedies are just beginning to be accepted and used in the United States.  You may receive one or more of these healing remedies at your next session! As always, I am happy to be bringing another level of health and healing to my patients.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on 3 year old Isabella and 12 year old Josephine. Mom Kerryanne was smart to bring both of her girls in for a treatment! 

The nervous system is master of the body. For a child, poor nerve communication can cause developmental delays, behavioral problems, headaches, digestive issues, asthma, and an array of health issues. Chiropractic restores proper nervous system functioning. Oftentimes, a childs first spinal misalignment occurs during the birthing process. Birth can be fairly traumatic, after all! Furthermore, chiropractic kinesiology treatments encourage good brain and nervous system growth, healthy emotional balance, reduce detrimental impact from the environment and our modern world, and promote overall body balance- balance of structural, nutritional, and emotional aspects of health! 

I love working with children of any age from infants to teens. You can see in the picture that since Isabella is too young to muscle test for herself, I am surrogate testing through her mother. It works and it let's us know exactly what is going on in little ones.

Let's get more children receiving holistic health treatments. The earlier they start, the better their lives may be!


I had a great experience with new patient Brad about a week ago. Brad is a great example of why it is important to seek alternative care even when surgery has already been found necessary. Brad has avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue) in both hips, and has been scheduled for surgery on Jan 13th.
Brad came in at the recommendation of a friend. I treated him as I would any patient, also focusing heavily on the musculoskeletal stability in his pelvis/hips. Thankfully, my tool of Applied Kinesiological muscle testing helped me identify imbalances and correct them. Since treatment, Brad has experienced less stiffness in both hips. He also reports less snoring at night (you never know how extensive the benefits you may receive from a chiropractic treatment are!). The benefits to receiving chiropractic care before and after a surgery? To name a few: better surgical outcomes, better healing response to surgery, less pain before, during, and after surgery, reduced stress/anxiety, reduced and easier recovery time, and better health overall!